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"He's probably my favorite player to ever play the game," Wilson said last year. "I think about his legacy, what he's meant to the game. He's allowed me to ... he's kind of helped open up the door for me to play as a shorter quarterback. There's been some guys before him that I'm sure he'd acknowledge, as well, the Doug Fluties of the world and others, Steve Youngs and different players.

The easiest, and arguably most productive, thing for Pittsburgh to do with the Dupree cash is to give it to Villanueva. Retaining one of their own free agents might not be the sexiest thing to do in free agency, but the Steelers can’t afford to let their left tackle leave the building for free.Los Angeles Rams Face masks

Nfl Face Masks With Filters

So it’s kind of reassuring to know they aren’t alone. They don’t even have it as bad as some of their competition. NFC rivals including the Philadelphia Eagles ($26.8 million), Chicago Bears ($17.6 million), Atlanta Falcons ($14.2 million), and Green Bay Packers ($9.7 million) all have their own hurdles to clear before reaching cap compliance. Sure, the Saints have problems to address. But they’ve won more games over the last four years than all of those opponents, and they’re making moves to keep their core together for life after Drew Brees.Las Vegas Raiders Face masks

"I'd like to thank Eric and Mitch for all of their contributions over the years," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "Every day both of these men came to work with the right attitude, ready to grind, both on the field and in the classroom. These guys are both dirty tough, but beyond that, they're good people and I enjoyed coaching them. I wish them the best as they continue their careers."

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is coming off his seventh Super Bowl championship in his illustrious career. While many people happily retire to the Florida Gulf Coast, Brady plans to play with the Buccaneers for the next few years. He agreed to a four-year extension to keep him in Tampa Bay through 2022. Brady may play in the NFL through his age-46 season potentially.

Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee and Kyle Madson jump on a live edition of Candlestick Chronicles to break down the 49ers’ moves from the first day of legal negotiating in the NFL.Atlanta Falcons Face masks

The Colts will officially acquire Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles next week. Despite the hype surrounding what he’ll hopefully bring on the field, Indianapolis can't be be considered a Super Bowl contender just yet.Arizona Cardinals Face masks

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