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A turn on the OUT OF THE INKWELL motif. The animator gets into a brawl with his star & wins. These transfers are from a presentation of the full GROGG series on Swedish TV, with ideal soundtracks. The rest are available on YouTube.

Arnold provides Amanda with a break for lunch. However, as in the Thembrian prison camp, this merely meas a break – no food. Amanda becomes crazed, and starts devouring any object she can get her hands on in the room. Then she spots Freddy, who is taunting her with a small dining table of his own, and a hot roast chicken. Amanda tries to grab the chicken away, but Freddy flies inside its neck, to “pilot” the bird away as if running under its own power. Amanda engages in a furious chase, which takes her and Freddy onto a track and field course. As with Deputy Dawg, all the running around has an effect, and as Amanda seems about to capture both Freddy and the chicken, Freddy’s eyes pop, and he lets out with a wolf whistle. Amanda has slimmed down, and actually developed a shapely figure! The scene changes to Amanda’s mansion, where Freddy is now treated to all the food he desires, as Amanda states “I still hate you, fly, but I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me.” The new issue of “Vague” magazine (a play on “Vogue”) is brought in by a butler. Amanda’s eyes pop in horror at the cover story – “Fat is Back”, proclaims the title, with the slim figure now out of fashion. Turning on Freddy, Amanda changes her line to “I’ll never forget what you’ve done to me – EVER”, as she brings dowm the rolled-up magazine upon the roly-poly fly, for a blackout ending.Drawstring zipper Backpack

He created a very popular children’s puppet show entitled Time for Beany in 1949. Comedian Groucho Marx was a huge fan as was scientist Albert Einstein.

Fat and Fatter (“Tex Avery” series, 10/21/97), pits comic cowboy Tex Avery and his arch rival Sagebrush Sid in a titanic battle over the affections of the lovely Chastity. In some respects, out of all the episodes in the series, this may come the closest to being a direct homage to stock plot elements from the creation of the series’ namesake inspiration. Tex and Sid arrive on the doorstep of shapely Chastity, verbally battling over who is the date, and who is the chaperone – when the door swings open, and Chastity passes them, arm in arm with a cowboy so plump, he is barely able to squeeze into the door of a limousine-style horse-drawn wagon. Chastity waves goodbye, and leaves the boys flat. Avery and Sid stare with jaws dropped to the floor. “But he was so – so – – – FAT!”, they react in unison. Looking down at his own puny physique, Avery states this sets his mind to thinking that maybe he and Sid could stand to put on a few pounds – but finds that Sid is one jump ahead of him, inside the house and emptying the food contents of Chastity’s pantry into his person, including eating from a can reading “100% lard”. “I’m in the lead, and at this rate, I’ll be Chastity’s number one chubbo in no time.” “I gotta get me porked up and fast”, says Tex, then spots a pie Chastity has left to cool on a windowsill. Chastity has in fact been quite the busy baker today, as two more windowsills reveal a bigger, followed by a biggest, additional pie. Tex devours all, and starts to show he is catching up to Sid’s girth rapidly. “And still bloatin’”, he says to Sid, as he picks up a phone, and dials Humongous Larrty’s pie company. (A comical split screen visual is presented to show both sides of the phone call, with the cutaway half-screen rolling down and landing on Sid’s head, and the transaction for an order of a half-dozen pies completed by the characters reaching across the split screen to hand over pies for cash – a screen device similar to the real Tex Avery’s work in Tortoise Beats Hare.) As Avery downs the new stock of pies, the dimensions of the characters clearly start to resemble the bloated torsos of the cat, dog, and bird in King Size Canary. A battle of phone calls begins, with Sid countering Avery’s orders to the pieman, and door-to-door deliveries being made to each of the combatants, with Sid repeatedly telling the delivery boy that “The other fat guy is paying. Before long, Sid not only has Tex paying (and the delivery boy collacting bankroll after bankroll of cash), but even plops his massive weight in to bounce Avery’s latest pie delivery out of his hands and into Sid’s mouth. But this time, Avery has calculated Sid’s move, and sticks into the last pie a sign which he had removed at time of delivery, reading “Diet Pie”. Sid suddenly shrinks back to normal size, while Avery remains fat. Now Sid gets to pull an old Tex Avery gag, used heavily in “Deputy Droopy” – he pulls off his own head, then that of Tex, and switches their places, so now he is in possession of Tex’s fat body. The now puny Tex leaps onto Sid’s back as he tries to escape, then pulls out a can reading “Contents: One Tapeworm.” Opening the can, he drops the tapeworm into Sid’s mouth. Within seconds, Sid becomes as skinny as Tex, and the tapeworm leaps out of his mouth, bloated with Sid’s fat, and shakes Tex’s hand as he makes an exit.

Once the brochure is fully unfolded, it is evident that images on page three of Donald pointing along with the heads of Huey, Dewey, and Louie are re-used from the previous page. The only new illustration is of Donald on page four emphasizing, pitching, if you will, the “10-YEAR PRO-RATED WARRANTY.” This pose of Donald has a solid silhouette, and the text is partially indented to tuck neatly between his splayed arms leading the viewer’s eye to the warranty information.(8)

One of the highlights of my career was when Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch retweeted one of my newsposts. He was furious that I’d credited him as the creator of Inside Job, an animated series just announced by Netflix, when he was actually the executive producer. He said I was everything wrong with journalism today. And I thought “WOW! Alex Hirsch noticed me!”

Taste Makes Waist (Garfield and Friends, 9/19/92) – Jon is again overweight, and decides to start a diet. Seemingly reading his mind, a TV announcer begins to tout a new diet plan, on a half-hour show entitled “Incredible Findings”, introduced as a commercial disguised as a real program because we believe you’re too stupid to tell the difference. “Hey, at least they’re honest”, remarks Garfield. A Sylvia Svelte announces a new line of health food, showing a table full of delicious items such as roast beef, turkey, and yes, lasagna – all available at her fitness center. Jon, Garfield, and Odie all salivate at these TV images, and bunch up inside the frame of the front door, struggling to be the first to reach the Center. They request so many things from the menu that Sulvia sells them a package sampler with a 7 day supply. Sylvia presents Jon with the “introductory price”, which Jon finds staggering. But Garfield states, “I believe in sparing no expense when it comes to my stomach – especially when Jon’s paying.” Taking the food home in handy microwave containers, the three prepare for a sumptuous feast – until they open the container lids.

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